Bring on the New NBA Season

Is it possible to predict the future before hand? From the winner to the losers can be estimated by the experts according to their understanding of the sport. It is possible to guess who can be made it to the top of table without much hassle.

2015-16 NBA Season is considered as the 70th one from the National Basket Association. The regular season has begun from the 27th October as per schedule from the United Center. It can be considered as the home for the Chicago Bulls as well. The opening game has been hosted by Chicago Bulls for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the night game, Golden State Warriors will appear in their home ground with competitor New Orleans Pelicans. It is scheduled on the 25th December. The All Star phase of NBA Game is starting from the 14th February-, 2016 with the end of regular season on 13th February, 2016. In order to watch the playoffs, sport enthusiasts have to wait till 16th April.  Final Championship game for the 2015-16 NBA Season has been fixed on 2nd June, 2016.

As one of the youngest teams in the NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder is supposed to have a critical season. If they are unable to make the contention for playoffs then they may be asked for sales pitch from the officials.

Projections for East Standing

From the starting of game, prediction has been done by the experts for each team. Cleveland Cavalier is in a supreme condition. Therefore, they are predicted to win the East standing with the projected record of 59-23. They are supposed to improve their condition

Projections for West Standing

For the west standing, predictions have been done by the experts as well. Golden State Warriors is supposed to come at the top with the projected score of 60-22. The predictions are done based on the expectation and excitement of the experts and sporting enthusiast.

Changes in the coaching

Some teams have changed their coaches during off season in order to appear at the top. For the 2015-16 seasons, Chicago Bulls will be headed by Fred Hoiberg instead of Tom Thibodeau. Interim coach of Denver Nuggets has been opted out in order to make place for Michael Malone.  New Orleans Pelicans have a new coach with Alvin Gentry. Other changes have been made with the teams like Oklahoma City thunders, Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves with the names of Billy Donovan, Scott Skiles and Sam Mitchell respectively.

Important Events

In the history of franchise, Minnesota Timberwolves is entering in the NBA draft with 1st Selection. Karl Anthony Town from the Dominican Republic has been selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves as their first choice.

A match is held between Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic at the O2 arena in United Kingdom.

Best eight teams from the both east and west conference will be allowed to enter the playoff according to their records. Number of win in the victory will not be applied on the issue. Due to this reason, tie breakers rules will be changed as well.

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